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How You Can #helpharvey Today

August 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The city of Houston, TX has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Houston is my birthplace and like many others, I have family that are being held hostage by the massive amounts of water that linger in the streets. 

Harvey dumped nearly 50 inches of water on the Houston Metroplex and continues to pour down as I type this. Many of us in other states feel helpless and aren't able to load up the kayaks and head south. Below are several ways that you can help Harvey Flood Victims. If you know of more resources, feel free to contact me and I will add them.

Greater Houston Community Foundation

This simple fund page setup by the Mayor's office in Houston is easy to use and will direct funding to flood victims.

United Way of Greater Houston

United Way maintains a disaster relief fund, but they anticipate that funds will be expelled quickly.

American Red Cross

Help the ARC provide meals, shelter and comfort to all effected by Harvey by texting "HARVEY" to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Visit the link to make a more substantial donation. 


The popular fundraising website is centralizing fundraising site wide to this link. 


Locally, check with your local churches, American Red Cross locations, and area fire and emergency crews about how you can send aid and donations to these areas. Many local governments are chipping in a helping hand in any way they can.

Also, check social media for good samaritans that are taking time and money out of their lives to go help. This country is continually reminded of the strength of the American people when faced with adversity.

Lastly, it doesn't matter if you are Christian, Muslim, green, white, or yellow, please pray/send good thoughts/sacrifice a lamb on an alter for the lives of those impacted by this great tragedy. I am a firm believer that a positive attitude behind a small donation can make a huge impact. Good vibes and prayers for The Bayou City.


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